The funding can cover up to 25% of the software licenses and user meetings for exchanging information and experience about the project processes (preparation, customization, training and ROI analysis of implementing an EMR/EHR system).

The system needs to be contracted until October 31, 2012 and the implementation process needs to be started before December 31, 2012. The funding shall cover 3 years for all services and user meetings (2012-2014).

OPHTEL2012 Report Requirements for EMR Funding

Decision and preparation process
- Report 01           Decision and expectations
- Report 02           Preparation technical environment
- Report 03           Preparation clinical environment
- Report 04           Preparation physicians and team

Customization and implementation process
- Report 05           Customization terminology
- Report 06           Customization clinical pathways
- Report 07           Customization user interface

Training and coaching process
- Report 08           Training plan
- Report 09           Initial training
- Report 10           Follow up training

ROI and clinical benefits
- Report 11           Return on investment (financial)
- Report 12           Clinical benefits after 12 months
- Report 13           Clinical benefits after 24 months
- Report 14           Final project report

All reports are represented by a multiple choice checklist, a questionnaire and individual comments.
The users are supported by consultants of the vendors and by the IOTA representatives.