The GLAUCOCARD project was initiated by the EGS (European Glaucoma Society) and the GLAUCOCARD workgroup which was supported by specialized IT providers in the field of eye care. GLAUCOCARD provides data networks for glaucoma patients improving glaucoma treatment and management.


General Considerations of the GLAUCOCARD

Since the development of the EGS guidelines, glaucoma care has been increasingly standardized for diagnostic as well as for therapeutic measures in the different European countries. This project should help to improve standard care and documentation according to the EGS guidelines by providing an electronic platform that can be used by different ophthalmologists and can inform the patient himself about the status and therapy of his disease.

Advantages of a GLAUCOCARD

For patients

  • Standardized report of glaucoma status and follow up examinations
  • Easy data transfer when consulting other ophthalmologists
  • Generating long term reports of the disease history

For ophthalmologists

  • Easy data import from USB stick or web portal
  • Better visualization of long term data
  • Easy generation of a standardized patient record in any kind of media
  • Extra fee for providing individual health care

For the EGS

  • Implementation of the EGS guidelines in the general ophthalmic practice
  • Platform to increase awareness to other EGS activities

Economical aspects

  • Saving up parallel examinations in long term follow up
  • Improving patient care by better visualization of long term follow-up examinations


  • Easy data exchange between first, second and third level health care provider